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What We Do

Toronto Conferences

We present an annual conference in Toronto for Technical Directors, Production Managers, House technicians, Head carpenters, and Producers to meet, learn and exchange ideas. Instructors for the conference are chosen because they are working professionals with successful careers in the industry. Courses cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Basic Skills (costing, building, paperwork)
  • Technology
  • Health & Safety
  • Best Practices
  • Managing People
  • Genres

These sessions target technical directors at many skill/experience levels. All participants benefit from exceptional networking opportunities within the professional community.

Discussion Series

In 2019, TDArts hosted a joint discussion forum for members of the performing arts community with its sibling organizations, SMArts & PMArts. The purpose of this panel discussion was to unpack issues and questions relevant to our community. Our first discussion series Work/Life Balance: The Myth and the Reality involved people working as TDs, SMs and PMs. This moderated session laid out concrete solutions and questioned our role as managers as models and facilitators of a healthy work/life balance. Panelists and participants presented personal strategies that work for the individual and ideas that could be introduced on a company level.

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